Public Transportation into and out of Havana

Airport  José Martí, 18 km from Havana. Turistaxi to airport, US$18-25 depending on time of day or night and destination.

Panataxi are US$18-20. The Cubatur desk will book a taxi for you from the airport but any porter will help you. The return journey in a private taxi could cost as little as US$15. Panataxi seems to be the cheapest legal taxi.

City buses run from Terminal 4 (Air Cubana terminal) to town, ask around. To the airport from town, M2 buses leave from Parque Fraternidad, but are always full, long queues, difficult with luggage.

Long distance buses:  Terminal de Omnibus Interprovinciales, Av Rancho Boyeros (Independencia). See Information for travellers for advance booking addresses. Also Víazul, from Av 26 entre Av Zoológico y Ulloa, Nuevo Vedado, T 811413, 811108, 815652, F 666092, buses or minibuses usually every other day to Varadero, Trinidad, Viñales via Pinar del Río (and Varadero-Trinidad).

Hiring a car is not recommended for getting around Havana City, roads are badly signed and there have been many accidents with tourists.

Havana – Trains

Cuba is the only Caribbean island with a functioning rail service, which is operated by Ferrocarriles de Cuba. There is no national enquiries number but information can be obtained from the main station in Havana, the Estación Central, Avenida Bélgica and Calle Arsenal (tel: (7) 862 1920). The station tends to be rather crowded with patient passengers surrounded by large piles of luggage waiting for delayed trains. There is a cafe in the station to escape the chaos.

Rail services: Train travel is a great way to meet people and experience a slice of Cuban life, but the service is notoriously unreliable with frequent delays and cancellations. For those with the time and wherewithal, it makes for an unforgettable journey. The main, and best, route is from Havana to Santiago de Cuba via Matanzas, Santa Clara, Ciego de Ávila, Camagüey and Las Tunas. The overnight express service between Havana and Santiago is the fastest, taking a minimum of 15 hours. There are several branch lines from this main line. Published timetables don’t exist, so it is imperative to check times well in advance and make a reservation in person at the La Coubre ticket office (tel: (7) 860 3163) by the station.

Private Car/Taxi :

In a group this can actually be cheaper than everyone paying the bus or train fare in dollars. Fares are generally 2-3 times the dollar bus/train price (can vary because sometimes bus prices aren’t real logical) and are always negotiable. If you aren’t traveling with a group, you can just go to the bus station and talk to the taxi drivers who congregate out front. Insist on waiting for other passengers to fill up the car, as they’ll share the cost and pay the same as you, whether they’re Cuban or foreigners. Private taxis abound, but is illegal to carry foreign tourists, so if you do take one around town, you should ride in the front, act like friends, and if asked, say the driver is a friend of the family.

Havana’s about the only city that you need to consider taking taxis to get around. They generally ask for $3 for a trip around town, but you should be able to find transport for 25 Cuban pesos. Cars will find you, honk, and offer to take you. Just tell them “I’ll pay 20 pesos to ______ (destination)” and, if they turn you down, try the next taxi until someone accepts. that is what Cubans pay.

Rental Car List

Transtur Rent a Car
Calle 1ra. No. 2602 e/ 26 y 28, Miramar. Ciudad de La Habana
Telephones: (53 7) 204-5532
Fax: (53 7) 204-4762Transtur Rent a Car
Calle Cuba No. 60, 9no. Piso. Ciudad de La Habana
Telephones: (53 7) 861-6788 · 862-2459 · 862-1744
Fax: (53 7) 861-5885

Calle 1ra. No. 16401 esq. a 164, Miramar. Ciudad de La Habana
Telephones: (53 7) 33-2277 · 33-7233 · 33-1157
Fax: (53 7) 33-0760

Gran Car
Vía Blanca y Palatino. Ciudad de La Habana
Telephones: (53 7) 33-5647
Fax: (53 7) 57-7338

Calle 1ra. esq. a 0, Edificio Sierra Maestra, Miramar. Ciudad de La Habana
Telephones: (53 7) 203-9658 · 203-9815
Fax: (53 7) 204-0648

Calle Línea y Malecón, Vedado. Ciudad de La Habana
Telephones: (53 7) 55-3298
Fax: (53 7) 55-5657Rex (Alquiler de Autos & Servicio de Limousine)
Ave. Rancho Boyeros y Calzada de Bejucal. Ciudad de La Habana
Telephones: (53 7) 33-9160
Fax: (53 7) 33-9159

Vía Rent a Car
Calle 47 No. 508 e/ 34 y 41. Ciudad de La Habana
Telephones: (53 7) 204-4445
Fax: (53 7) 204-4445

Ave. 1ra. y Paseo, Vedado. Ciudad de La Habana
Telephones: (53 7) 55-3535
Fax: (53 7) 55-3779

Calle 110 e/ 3ra. y 5ta., Miramar. Ciudad de La Habana
Telephones: (53 7) 204-3457 · 204-2444 · 204-5555 · 204-8349
Fax: (53 7) 204-2444