Yachting Adventures to Cuba

Recent Yacht Adventures
We’ve been very busy facilitating numerous yachting adventures to Cuba since the ease in US travel restrictions. Here are a few of our most recent charters, events and custom packages:

Cuba Yacht Certification

Rules and Regulations
The United States still takes restrictions on travel to Cuba quite seriously.  Cuba Seas will help you to navigate the regulatory complexities of yacht travel into Cuban waters. Cuba Seas provides assistance with fulfilling US Citizens Visa Requirements, USCG and other regulatory requirements, including non-US Citizen Visa Requirements.

Information about Cuba

Cuba Essential Services
Legal, insurance and money handling are all completely different for Cuba. Make sure your bases are covered before embarking on your yacht or yacht charter to Cuba by using our Essential Services experts. Cuba yacht insurance offered by Novamar Yacht Insurance

Cuba Marine Concierge

Yachting/Air Travel Information
Cuba Seas has a complete portfolio of experts to provide assistance with Yacht services including dockage, provisioning maintenance etc, hotels, restaurants, navigation and finally, yacht facilities and cruising information.

Explore Cuba by Yacht